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About us ?


Omnipharm is a leading manufacturer and supplier of bulk all natural ingredients made in France, specializing in certified organic botanicals. We also offer innovative formulation, manufacturing and packaging services for all your Private Label needs. Since its inception, Omnipharm has sustained its rapid growth on two key markets, Europe and Asia, serving major players in each of these markets.


At Omnipharm, we pride ourselves on and stand by the quality of all our products. In an industry where adulterated and contaminated products are increasingly commonplace, we believe in the importance of constant and meticulous quality control and complete traceability. For further details on our commitment to quality, click here.


Our offices and warehouses in Chambéry enable us to guarantee quick delivery of all your samples and orders.


Our company’s structure and organization are designed to bolster our main assets, making us all the more flexible and responsive to our customers’ needs:

Selecting the best products and raw materials from a large network of the most reliable sources worldwide

Building partnerships with the best possible manufacturers to extract and transform our carefully selected raw materials


Our manufacturing partners were all selected based on the highest, most demanding quality standards:

Minimum certification: HACCP

Most are ISO 9000 and GMP certified


As we are well aware that only a small number of nature’s botanical benefits have been discovered so far, Omnipharm is constantly searching for new plant-derived active ingredients that we are able to research and develop through these exclusive partnerships. In fact, Omnipharm has two extraction plants dedicated to extracting and processing our newest botanicals: one in France for European and Asian plant species, and one in Morocco for North-African and South American species.


What’s more, you can rely on our commitment to providing exceptional customer service, characterized by our :


Short response times for all your inquiries

Swift delivery of yo
ur product samples

Guaranteed delivery times

Technical assistance


In short, for each order our customers can count on getting the best sources, at the lowest prices, in the shortest time.



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